Summer garden, family and friends…

Where did the summer go!    It’s October and the days are definitely shorter, but the garden is still alive with color and fragrance.  Yesterday evening I fertilized the sasanqua, spreading pink camellias, that are just starting to bloom – look how many buds!Camellia sasanqua spreaking pink

Around Halloween the camellias will be in full bloom – while the dahlias, day lilies and zinnias start to fade.

During our long summer drought I was able to ration enough water to grow tweleve different dahlia cultivers that I planted early spring from tubers (bulbs) I dug up last December.  A few photos throughout this blog will captutre my back yard pride and joy.

Left – Magic Moment: Semi-Cactus, and …Magic Moment - B SC W

below:  Pride of the Prairie Dahlias – Veronne’s Morning Star below:Verrone's Morning Star Verones Morning Star - Orchette


Jim and Matthew went to Chicago this summer via the California Zehphyr
IMG_2036  IMG_2155

to visit Chicago family, beach, Michigan Ave, and the best hot dog restaurent in Chicago!


PHIL_Semi Cactus Flame Blend


PHIL – Semi-Cactus, Flame Blend dahlia was at least six feet tall with at least four to six blossoms in full bloom all summer.  Great for cutting and sharing with local family and friends.



While Jim and Matthew were in Chicago, Dan invited me to venture a couple day-hikes around Truckee CA.  The hikes were in the vicinity of Donner Lake – weather was perfect.                     IMG_1909

In the evening Dan poured – Deux Punx 2014 Vintage – the locals seemed to enjoy.IMG_1493

From Truckee Dan & I drove to Modesto to cheer the San Francisco All Star Baseball Team.                                                       Congrats Calvin! 2015_Calvin Front

Even though I captured many outtings this summer, my back and front yard gardens were well taken care of by special neighbors – and Margie, Peter and Manny:

Mignon Single


Dahlia – yes.   This jewel “Mignon” just grows and smiles all summer, and late into the fall.




Schaaf family enjoyed a terrific time together in July on Lake Tahoe – we even rented a pontoon for twelve –taking turns at the helm…

2015_Pontoon 12coasting in and out of many coves, diving off the pontoon, and swimming in the very deep, clear, cool lake..
2015_Pontoon Fishing 192015_Pontoon Wochs 20

Madeline helping brother up the slippery rocks… 2015_Pontoon Swim 15  Several of the bare-backs suffered a little from sun burns that evening – no sympathy!


Left: Carmen Fiesta, formal decorative with variegated pink and red petals, and..

Pam Holden, waterlily never stop blooming.  Pam Holden Water Lilly

Margie, Ben, Matthew, Peter, Calvin and I enjoyed some beach time just before school commenced mid-August.  The boys enjoyed surfing in the cool waves til they turned purple.



I enjoyed sharing some of our summer family activities, and  hope you enjoyed a little of my garden.


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