Wisteria class at Filoli….

Gardens (www.filoli.com) put into action.

Wisteria 1

We planted three Wisteria floribunda “longissima Alba,’ (White Japanese Wisteria), spring 2009.  Now it’s time to un-tangle the long whips that grew during the summer months.

What did I learn in class?

Wisteria need direction, form and structural support.  You need to envision where you want your plants(s) to grow by training the long whips (vines) that grew the previous year, and anchor them in the desired structure creating the framework for your wisteria.  Be careful when un-winding the long whips, and prune off any that may distort your vision.

Wisteria should be pruned twice a year – midsummer, then again in the winter to stimulate the formation of short side-shoots that will bear summer flowers.

Seed pods?

Wisteria are in the Legume (pea) family.  After its flowers fade, they produce as their fruit, long velvety seed pods.  Cut them off if you don’t like the looks of them.  They do no harm to the plant, left on or removed.  Mid summer I will post a photo of the flowers and seed pods.

Wisteria 3

If you are planting along side a wall or fence, it may be a little easier to prune than growing over a large arbor like ours.  I got to climb the ladder because my shoulders fit through the slats!

Bryan Temmermand with Hale Creek Construction built the arbor across the entire back of our home, and encouraged us to plant wisteria.  Check out Bryan’s website: http://www.halecreekconstruction.com

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