Jubenville-Schaaf Secrete Coffee Cake Recipe

The Jubenville secrete coffee cake recipe is now in the hands of  daughter-in-law,  Pat, and will be shared by special request only!

Jim’s grandmother, Agnes,  held onto the secrete recipe until she  no had the strength to kneed the dough several times through out the day before setting it in a warm place to rise.

Polish Coffee Cake 3.7.13 003

Pat’s rising chamber is in her “warming over”

Polish Coffee 2nd step.Cake 3.7.13 004

When grandma Jubenville, Agnes, no longer had the strength to produce this tradition, the un-written recipe was reluctantly passed onto her daughter Roberta (Jim and Gary’s mother).   However,  as Roberta captured the recipe lines: “a cup of scaled milk with some butter and sugar, then a little yeast, followed by some flour, and golden raisins, and more flour as needed, and oh yes, a pinch of mace and a few drops of lemon extract, and….”

Each year Roberta perfected the tradition – it was beautfiul – it was delicious – it was tradition.

Polish Coffee 2nd step.Cake 3.7.13 008

Now, daughter-in-law, Pat treasures the golden tradition, and hopes to share it with family and friends – on request!  

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