South Lake Tahoe

The Schaaf Family enjoyed another terrific week at a large home

at 7,00 feet, overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe.  The bears, as usual, welcomed us

especially at breakfast when the bacon was sizzling!


Margie and Peter enjoyed walking along the shore, stopping to rest on a rock.

Dan, Terry and Calvin along with the rest of the cousins, enjoyed jumping off the peer, floating in the water in special tubes/floats – of all kinds; and resting and snacking in the warm sand at the shore..

Every evening ended with a gourmet meal with a bottle of special wine, provided by Dan.

A wonderful time to unwind, and capture the highlights of the day!





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Schools out…visiting Chicago Family

A week of summer fun in the mid-west with Miles, Laura and Fred…..

Daily to the pool…
image        image

     Sometimes,                twice..

Lake Michigan..image

…is still a little cool.  Yet, Miles enjoyed digging in the wet sand, while Pat helped by – scooping!


Plus  .. a wonderful long walk along the shore with a view of the “City” captured the beach…in the sun.  image

 “Next week the water temp

should be perfect for swimming.”

To Saturday’s Farmers Market……..imageto select vegies for the week, and ingredients for Laura’s Gazpacho.



Gazpacho was absolutely delicious served with seasoned croutons and avocado.


After Farmers Market, we stopped to see Mile’s summer garden at the Zoo. Miles planted a row of edamame seeds just a week ago,

and the “fruit of his labor” areimage

 capture in the photo.



Fred grilled local lake rainbow trout and salmon for

our last supper together.

imageThank you Laura, Fred and Miles!












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Happy Birthday Margie

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Margie, Tom, Madeline, Peter, Julia, Matthew, Benjamin Lenny, Terry, Calvin, Jim and Pat Crowned Margie Queen for her 50th Birthday. Unfortunately, Chicago family, and Dan were unable to attend… Margie’s dinner celebration at BELLA VITA – Los Altos California Do you … Continue reading

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Summer garden, family and friends…

Where did the summer go!    It’s October and the days are definitely shorter, but the garden is still alive with color and fragrance.  Yesterday evening I fertilized the sasanqua, spreading pink camellias, that are just starting to bloom – look how many buds!Camellia sasanqua spreaking pink

Around Halloween the camellias will be in full bloom – while the dahlias, day lilies and zinnias start to fade.

During our long summer drought I was able to ration enough water to grow tweleve different dahlia cultivers that I planted early spring from tubers (bulbs) I dug up last December.  A few photos throughout this blog will captutre my back yard pride and joy.

Left – Magic Moment: Semi-Cactus, and …Magic Moment - B SC W

below:  Pride of the Prairie Dahlias – Veronne’s Morning Star below:Verrone's Morning Star Verones Morning Star - Orchette


Jim and Matthew went to Chicago this summer via the California Zehphyr
IMG_2036  IMG_2155

to visit Chicago family, beach, Michigan Ave, and the best hot dog restaurent in Chicago!


PHIL_Semi Cactus Flame Blend


PHIL – Semi-Cactus, Flame Blend dahlia was at least six feet tall with at least four to six blossoms in full bloom all summer.  Great for cutting and sharing with local family and friends.



While Jim and Matthew were in Chicago, Dan invited me to venture a couple day-hikes around Truckee CA.  The hikes were in the vicinity of Donner Lake – weather was perfect.                     IMG_1909

In the evening Dan poured – Deux Punx 2014 Vintage – the locals seemed to enjoy.IMG_1493

From Truckee Dan & I drove to Modesto to cheer the San Francisco All Star Baseball Team.                                                       Congrats Calvin! 2015_Calvin Front

Even though I captured many outtings this summer, my back and front yard gardens were well taken care of by special neighbors – and Margie, Peter and Manny:

Mignon Single


Dahlia – yes.   This jewel “Mignon” just grows and smiles all summer, and late into the fall.




Schaaf family enjoyed a terrific time together in July on Lake Tahoe – we even rented a pontoon for twelve –taking turns at the helm…

2015_Pontoon 12coasting in and out of many coves, diving off the pontoon, and swimming in the very deep, clear, cool lake..
2015_Pontoon Fishing 192015_Pontoon Wochs 20

Madeline helping brother up the slippery rocks… 2015_Pontoon Swim 15  Several of the bare-backs suffered a little from sun burns that evening – no sympathy!


Left: Carmen Fiesta, formal decorative with variegated pink and red petals, and..

Pam Holden, waterlily never stop blooming.  Pam Holden Water Lilly

Margie, Ben, Matthew, Peter, Calvin and I enjoyed some beach time just before school commenced mid-August.  The boys enjoyed surfing in the cool waves til they turned purple.



I enjoyed sharing some of our summer family activities, and  hope you enjoyed a little of my garden.


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Pauline’s Retirement from Stanford Hospital ….

                      After serving patients for forty six years as a clinical dietitian, Pauline Bishoff retired from Stanford on August 20, 2015.  In her valedictory she noted the multiple name changes of the Hospital, the innumerable name changes of the Department, shared many education materials developed by the dietitians to assist patients and their families after discharge from the hospital, and publications to provide excellent up-to-date nutrition information to the community.

The Retirement Celebration was lovely.  The few photos below attempt to capture the festive atmosphere of appreciation for a job well done.







IMG_2398 (2)IMG_2393Congratulations – Pauline!

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A Tribute to Sandy…

The first week of June, a reunion was beautifully orchestrated by Sandy for four gals – 2015_Train (2)

Top left: Sandy from Colorado; Top middle: Mary from Missouri,;Top right: Jeannette from Michigan; Bottom: Pat from California.

We are all former neighbors who lived in Stanford married student housing in the mid nineteen sixties while our husbands attended graduate school.  We all had children and we were all poor; sharing how to make ends meet and had the world’s best baby-sitting co-op.

           Sandy picked us all up from the Denver International Airport and drove us to her son’s mountain home near Leadville Colorado over-looking Twin Lakes – 10,000 feet.

2015_Twin Lakes (1)

2015_Twin Lakes (2)

For our first dinner together, Sandy had prepared at her home and brought to the mountains: homemade vegetable soup, salad and warm bread.  A toast to friends with a glass of pinot, and a celebration cake, “Stanford Friends,” was enjoyed by all.

Insert cake photo

2015_Leadville (3)

The next day after breakfast we drove to the town of Leadville to browse (shop) in a few art galleries by local artists, and enjoyed some interesting murals.

2015_Heritage Museum (1)

After lunch we went to the Heritage Museum, which captures Leadville’s colorful past – we took advantage 0f  senior discount!

2015_Heritage Museum (2)

We learned all about the mining of Molybdenum….even how to pronounce it.  For short – Moly.

At the Heritage Museum we learned about several  huge colorful rocks we spotted early morning as we drove into town.

2015_Bloom Day's Rock Drill Compitation   2015_Bloom Day's Rock Drill Compitation (2)

Leadville Boom Days is an Annual Old West Festivile which occurs every summer.  It includes a contest of mining skills!

2015_Leadville Opera House

About three blocks from the  Heritage Museum

was the historic

The Tabor Opera House

We ended  our first full day together at a restaurant in the Twin Lakes Resort.  Some of our entree choices were: Beef Stroganoff, Dover Sole, and Stir Fried Shrimp served on a bed of polenta.  We savored every bite of our meal, as we continued to enjoy stories of our past forty-five years.

Second day started with a hike on the south side of Twin Lakes, through the Aspens; capturing and identifying the beautiful wild flowers.  Below: Rock Groundsel                                                                            2015_Aspen (1)2015_ Wild Flower (Whiplash Daisy (2)

2015_Wild Flower (Pasque 1)Left: Pasque – purple with white flowers,

and below: Rock Groundsel2015_Wild Flower (Rock Groundsel)

On the last leg of our hike, Sandy received a signal that a “geocach” was in the vacinity.  So we all followed Sandy off the trail, and up a hill where she found the –geocach!  A real adventure for Mary, Jeannette and Pat – thank you Sandy!

2015_Geocach (1)

Around noon we headed back to the mountain house—2015_Twin Lakes Abode

Sandy made 1:00 PM reservations for us to take the scenic train trip on the Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad which captured views in the Rocky Mountains along the Arkansas River.2015_Train (1)

2015_Train (6)

It was a very sunny clear day, and some of us got a little red!

Back at the lovely mountain house – thirsty and a bit hungry, we opened a box of Sees Chocolate Candy – Yum!

 2015_Sees Candy

After dinner Sandy gave us our first lesson in “card making.”  Oh, she was so patient with us.  By the end of the evening, we all made our first card…

2015_Cards J & M (2)

…all the same, yet all different.


 On our last full day together, Sandy drove us to Buena Vista. The little town was alive with boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. After lunch at, Spoon It Up- recommend, we walked into the Free the Monkey Consignment Shop- oh my, oh my. At least an hour later we left the shop with many bargains!

Tummies full and shopped out, we drove to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort- The natural and odorless hot springs are located at the base of (14,196 ft.) Mt. Princeton. The pools are beautiful, but at least 104 degrees, some had to get out frequently. We left the hot springs very relaxed.

Sorry- no photos of the four bathing beauties.

On our way home from the hot springs, Sandy took a detour to show us Turquoise Lake and Reservior.

2015_Tourques Lakes (1)Our last evening in the mountain abode ended with our second lesson in card making.

2015_Cards (Teacher)

Thank you Sandy for your love.

Mary, Jeannette, and Pat.

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This gallery contains 12 photos.

Thank goodness for roses, especially the cultivars that are well established, and require  little water. Governor Brown,  “Despite your mandate on watering rationing in California, I think many folks will still have beautiful rose gardens this year.”   Just takes … Continue reading

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